While we always try to save teeth, at times a tooth extraction is needed for any number of reasons. Extractions are sometimes the only answer in situations like the ones noted below:

Extensive Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can spread throughout the rest of the mouth if it is not caught early. When the infection gets too deep into the roots, nerves, and blood vessels of a tooth, extraction is the only way to prevent the spreading of the infection.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease also known as gum disease, causes advanced tooth decay. Severe cases of gum disease affect the bone beneath the gums and cause loosening of teeth. When a tooth becomes too loose to be saved, an extraction becomes necessary.

Baby Teeth

When baby teeth do not fall out in time for the adult teeth to grow in, complications like tooth impaction can arise. The tooth or teeth blocking the growth path must be removed to avoid such problems.

Dental Crowding

Dental crowding is caused by extra teeth growing in or a smaller jaw anatomy. Dental crowding is sometimes treated by removing one or more teeth.

When a dental extraction is indicated, our team will exercise all options of saving your tooth before resorting to removal. If an extraction is the only way to preserve your oral health, your dentist will extract your tooth efficiently and safely in the comfort of our dental office. Prior to the extraction our dentist, will discuss tooth replacement options with you before removing the tooth.